Transgenderbender: that’s a word my friend uses to describe herself. I think that term fits me well. I’ve spoken about transgender issues at University campuses such as Emory University, Mercer University and Michigan State University. If you’d like for me to speak at your college or function please contact me at bucky@buckymotter.com,

I’ve had the nickname Bucky since around 1985. One of my college roommates was studying Buckminster Fuller at the Atlanta College of Art and she just started calling me Bucky. The name stuck and I’ve been Bucky to my close friends ever since.

More recently I’ve asked everyone to call me Bucky. I also prefer male pronouns. My Italian Mom used to hate it when people called me “Angie” because to her it was a male name. I’m comfortable with all of my monikers, really. Just don’t call me “she.” It just doesn’t fit me.