Saudade de Neve ©Endo


My electronic music alter ego


Fuzzy Hat ©Endo

Saudade de Neve

© 2011 Angela Bucky Motter

Buckyspeak Music, BMI

Falling snow, soft and deep

Winter sounds, Muffled streets

You and I fell in love differently.

Frosted glass, graveled paths

Up the gorge, icy creek

Out of breath in our mid-winter’s dream.

Making love, making scenes

Bundled up, tumbled sheets

Clear as day I recall blessed times.

We collide, we decide

Pick our wine, place to dine

Count the days of our mid-winter’s dream.

Top of the hill

Worlds took their turn

You full of grace while I learned

You took us in stride

I lost my pride

You knew we would say our goodbyes

In the Spring when I tried

Without snow, without wine

you were kind, you let go easily.

Then I found it was snow

That I miss and your kiss

And the time when I thought you were mine.